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Cooler Master GM27-FQS ARGB Gaming Monitor Review

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Greetings to the new player in the monitor market: Cooler Master is here with its first models! With the model name Cooler Master GM27-FQS, it has successfully continued the tradition of the classic name of the monitor market, which is hard to remember. Jokes aside, we all have the same question on our minds: Does the Monitor Cooler Master sell any good? Of course we are checking! Let’s see how fast, how colorful, how ergonomic.

	GM27-FQS ARGB, kareemfashion, Cooler Master, Cooler Master GM27-FQS ARGB Gaming Monitor Review, Gaming Monitor

00:00 – The Cooler Master gaming monitor is on the market.
01:10 – The stand is quite solid, metal.
01:40 – Super slim, frameless design.
02:25 – Ergonomics, pivot mode.
03:00 – Settings with ARGB and MasterPlus+ software.
03:40 – Points more than expected.
04:00 – 2560x1440p, known as 2K, is the best for today.
04:50 – Color measurement values.
05:30 – 144 Hz and 165 Hz, HDMI and DisplayPort.
06:10 – Panel response time on color change 1 ms MPRT.
06:44 – Internal electronic delay of the panel, i.e. input lag test.
07:15 – Three in one, and more.
07:45 – Let’s see the damages and other details.
09:00 – HDR10 support and FreeSync.
10:00 – How is the price in TL and USD?
Let’s look at the prices of similar monitors.
11:30 – Actually, not a single model has arrived, even the 32-inch one.
11:55 – Evaluation of results.

First, the box is colorful, when we take it out of the box, we assemble a stand base, stand feet and a monitor together. The stand is very heavy and sturdy, which is good for those who don’t want to move the monitor. CM didn’t cut the base and feet of the stand, even creating a cool heavy and bulky metal stand in the Apple style. But of course, the lightsaber of the PC world, with what we might call a heavy cannon: RGB lighting! It even offers ARGB addressable lighting. There is a separate USB port on the base to run the light, we plug in a cable here.

Apart from the cable collector part, it has a very simple, minimalist yet elegant stand design. The ports are easy to access, we can use them immediately by connecting them with the HDMI and DisplayPort cables that come out of the box. There’s also a USB multiplexer hub, but the cable didn’t come out of the box. Also, there are adapters and power cords, even different country tips come from the same box, you can use these tips if you are going to change countries.

Let’s come to the monitor, we have a very thin, beautiful panel in front of us. Seriously Cooler Master GM27- FQS model exceeded our expectations. The company was old and mighty in cooling, power supplies, cases, and even peripherals, but we approached it with a bit of skepticism, even though we were new to the monitor business. Yes, but with a slight bias. It has a better case than we expected. It has a very classy appearance on the desktop with its stand.

Well, it’s thinner, but when we measured how the colors were, the scenes didn’t change and got even better.

	GM27-FQS ARGB, kareemfashion, Cooler Master, Cooler Master GM27-FQS ARGB Gaming Monitor Review, Gaming Monitor

Gamut coverage 99.8% sRGB, 82.3% Adobe RGB, 94.4% DCI P3, Gamut volume 135.7% sRGB, 93.5% Adobe RGB, 96.1% DCI P3. In summary, this panel has the latest generation color coverage and color volume is very high. Delta E is a flat panel with low tilt and easy to stretch. The gamma setting can be adjusted from 1.8 to 2.6, but if you ask what the standard should be, our default recommendation is 2.2.

Moreover, it has a response time of 1 ms and a refresh rate of 165 Hz. Since the resolution is also 2560x1440p, the 27-inch screen is sharp, bright and has strong colors. We can say that it is an ideal IPS panel gaming monitor, moreover it has a slim case and frameless design.

What is wrong? In addition to color gamut, there’s also HDR10, but that’s the most basic HDR standard now. We’re looking for very high brightness ranges and standards for the ideal HDR experience. This is somewhat theoretical or baseline HDR support. However, SDR performance is so good that the majority are still not looking for that high-end HDR experience.


	GM27-FQS ARGB, kareemfashion, Cooler Master, Cooler Master GM27-FQS ARGB Gaming Monitor Review, Gaming Monitor

So how are the OSD controls? The buttons on the back are easy to use, you can control the FreeSync setting and other OSD settings, and switch between different sources. It’s possible to set it once and tinker with it a lot.

So what are the disadvantages? Instead of an ARGB connection with a cable and pins hidden inside the stand that connects to the monitor itself, there’s a micro USB end cable that plugs directly into the stand. It’s a simple and easy-to-repair style of lighting, but given the price of the product, one would expect them to keep that lighting connection a secret as well. An application and PC connection are required for A, which is a recognizable part of CM’s standalone RGB lighting. While the MasterPlus+ application sometimes installed and worked correctly in our various reviews, sometimes it caused problems. We’ve been going back to CM for years to improve this piece of software.

So how is the price? This 27-inch 1440p 165 Hz monitor was on sale for around 8500 TL, ie 507 USD including tax. In this resolution and refresh rate category, the cheapest price is 3500 TL – 208 USD, the most expensive is 10000 TL, or 595 USD. Of course, we are talking about displays that differ in panels, stands, color gamuts and brightness. The most affordable models are curved VA panels, the mid-priced and most expensive are flat IPS, and at the highest price we see nano IPS. Cooler Master GM 27-FQS ARGB Gaming Monitor Flat IPS, a modern and new generation panel, with color and other technical values ​​as well as 8.8 ms average input lag, measured input lag and 1 ms promised pixel response time. It is top class. . Although panel color change times are typically 1 ms, this 1 ms value is an MPRT measurement and does not reflect the GTG value. As a new-generation Fast Response IPS variant, this panel called Ultra Speed ​​IPS can be used in high-speed games without much ghosting.

One of the top models in its category, would you buy it? The answer is definitely yes. The GM32FQ for 10.000 TL also attracts our attention, but let’s note that we did not test it. If there are models in this category, don’t forget to open a thread on Technopat Social.

So, will Cooler Master succeed in this area? The product is so good, it can ensure the company’s success by bringing, supporting, pricing and standing behind its product to market. Although the brand is best known in our minds for its other products, it has managed to offer a product that will be in demand in the monitor market as well. We will follow and see what happens next with this beautiful monitor.