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How to Apply

Hard fibers provide faster absorption than soft fibers.

Softer fibers have better control over color application.

Try skincare with a brush for a luxurious experience.

The 190 brush is perfect for applying masks and moisturizers.

The 194 brush is perfect for pairing with eye cream.

180 brush for shaving cream on face or body.


Do not “mash” the brush into the pan when dipping the brush into a pressed powder product (such as eyeshadow). This can cause the fibers to break. Brushes are better and more efficient for gliding from side to side or moving the brush in a circle to collect the powder.

For more difficult applications, such as smokey eyes, try using two brushes. Use one brush to pick up and apply color and another to blend.

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When applying makeup, try to hold the brush away from the tresses, like a chopstick. This allows more control within the application. Not to mention, hands out of the way and better visibility!

Cleansing oil

Brushes should be cleaned weekly for personal use. For emollient products on the brush, use a cleansing oil to emulsify , then brush the cleanser to cleanse and condition.

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If you find you need to throw away your brushes after applying your makeup before cleansing, make sure to keep brushes for liquid or cream products separate from brushes for powder products. So that the cream does not stain other brushes. If using the same bag for both, try wrapping the brush used for cream products in plastic wrap or a paper towel before placing in the bag.