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Custom PC for creators: ASUS ProArt Station PD5

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Content creators in photography, filmmaking, animation and 3D design, and professionals in industries like architecture need high-performance tools to get their work done. The ProArt series, designed by ASUS specifically for digital art artists, continues to evolve with solutions tailored to needs. ASUS ProArt Station PD5 is considered one of the biggest supporters of the creative process in the workstation category, with its superior features in performance, speakers and heat management.

NVIDIA graphics card

ASUS, ASUS ProArt Station PD5, kareemfashion, NVIDIA, NVIDIA Graphics Card, PD5, ProArt, Station PD5, PC, Custom PC for Creators: ASUS ProArt Station PD5, Graphics Card

The PD5 supports all creative business processes, from audio and video editing to the most demanding 3D modeling, with 11th Gen Intel Core i9 processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 or NVIDIA Quadro RTX A4000 graphics. It features NVIDIA Ampere™ architecture-based graphics, new ray tracing and tensor cores with sparsity support, DLSS 2.0 AI super-resolution technology, and multiple processors that offer significantly improved performance. Ampere also leverages the power of artificial intelligence. The PD5 packs creative-friendly features like ASUS Lumiwiz LED indicators, a tool-free hard drive tray, and a power button shield to prevent accidental shutdown. Thanks to its DDR4 3200MHz memory up to 128GB, the device is capable of handling multitasking quickly.

Quadro, the world’s leading visual computing platform, is one of the desktop graphics preferred by designers and artists. Outstanding performance, 100+ professional applications, ISV certifications, and helpful IT management tools are just a few of the benefits of working with Quadro. The ProArt Station PD5 also uses the latest GeForce graphics card with pixel fidelity to capture every detail and NVIDIA Studio drivers that allow launching most graphics-related applications with minimal latency.

Multi-zone cooling design

Taking advantage of being a full-size ATX tower, the ProArt Station PD5 uses a multi-zone cooling design. Its airflow-enhancing design provides more room to breathe, especially for components such as the processor, graphics and power supply. Hot air is efficiently directed to the outside, while CPU temperature drops by 5°C and GPU temperature by 4°C.

User specific design

ProArt Station PD5 features a suite of creative-friendly innovations including ASUS Lumiwiz®. This advanced module built into the front chassis can provide content creators with status information about the processor, graphics and more. A pair of light bars on the device alert the user by changing color when the load limit is exceeded. The device also allows the user to customize the colors according to the mood through the ProArt Creator Hub application.

Flexible use

Unlike many desktop computers, the ProArt Station PD5’s hard drive tray is specifically designed for tool-free removal. This ASUS-exclusive design makes upgrading the PD5 simple and easy. Just a few minutes to replace a drive or switch to a new computer.

The PD5 is also aggressive in audio technology.

ASUS, ASUS ProArt Station PD5, kareemfashion, NVIDIA, NVIDIA Graphics Card, PD5, ProArt, Station PD5, PC, Custom PC for Creators: ASUS ProArt Station PD5, Graphics Card

The ProArt Station PD5 is powered by Dolby Atmos®, which goes beyond the typical listening experience and blurs the line between real life and the virtual world. This technology, which enables not only hearing but also feeling the sound, does not miss any detail in music or film with its 360-degree sound experience.

ASUS AI noise cancellation technology isolates unwanted background noise from conversations in video conferences using machine learning. Thus, online meetings become much more efficient.