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Desktop graphics card images taken with mobile GPU

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A Korean TechTuber has shared images of a desktop graphics card with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 mobile GPU. According to BullsLab Jay, owners of this type of desktop card must have “special drivers”. The official drivers offered by NVIDIA cannot recognize this card, so it is not a good choice for gaming.

Desktop graphics cards with mobile graphics chips, which were used for mining purposes in the past, have emerged. As you know, there are no cryptocurrency restrictions on NVIDIA’s mobile version (LHR). We’ve seen various laptop GPUs in reports, such as the RTX 3070 Mobile and the RTX 3060 Mobile. BullsLab Jay also says that RTX 3060 mobile/desktop cards will offer almost the same performance as laptops, except for better cooling and an additional 10W power range.

Crypto mining suffered a severe crash with Bitcoin and its accompanying coins. This process started flooding the second-hand market with used video cards. In recent years, the situation has become such that external GPUs used in laptops have been integrated into desktop PCBs. But now everything has turned upside down. Cryptocurrency miners are now looking for ways to discard the cards.