Monster Pusat Wave ANC ہیڈ فونز کا جائزہ, Pusat Wave ANC, v, ہیڈ فونز

Monster Pusat Wave ANC Headphones Review

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We took a closer look at Monster’s new Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headset for both gamers and general use.

Although the Monster brand has long promoted itself with its laptops, it continues to expand its product line, offering all kinds of hardware that gamers will actually need. One of the brand’s latest products, the Monster Pusat Wave ANC Earphones, also offers Active Noise Cancellation, a highly sought-after feature for gamers.

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Although the Monster Pusat Wave ANC is a gaming headset, it is actually well designed for general use. Thanks to the ANC technology inside, it becomes a model that can work for someone who wants some silence in a noisy environment.

Design features

Monster Pusat Wave ANC Headphones Review, Pusat Wave ANC, v, Headphones

The Monster Pusat Wave ANC has large ear cups and full ear cushions. Thus, it covers the ears well, and even provides sound insulation alone. But when you activate the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system, you see its true power.

When you turn on this feature with the ANC button on the headset, the microphone on the device detects surrounding sounds. Then, speakers inside the earphones emit opposing sound frequencies, which will neutralize those frequencies. It should also be said that the ANC feature used by Monster in this headset works to very strong effect. In other words, it is very successful at canceling noise.

Monster Pusat Wave ANC Headphones Review, Pusat Wave ANC, v, Headphones

Technical specifications

Dimensions and weight

5 × 7.5 cm
210 g
impedance and frequency range

32 ohm impedance
20Hz – 20,000kHz

Internal (standard only suitable for phone calls)

Bluetooth 5.1 support
10 meter range
wireless format support

Simple and lossy formats such as SBC and AAC are supported, as well as high-quality formats such as apt-X, apt-X II and apt-X HD.
Battery life

Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 800 mAh
Full charge in 3 hours
60 hours of music playback with Bluetooth at maximum volume
35 hours of music listening with Bluetooth +
ANC 66 hours with ANC only.

Monster Pusat Wave ANC Headphones Review, Pusat Wave ANC, v, Headphones

Out of generality

Type-C cable (30cm)
5mm cable (120cm)
5mm Airplane adapter

Driver and ear cup

40mm neodymium driver
over-ear design

Activity measurement

The 7-step headband
ear pads are removable.
Inside the ear cup, in front of the drivers is the sponge.
The ear cups are highly flexible and have a large rotation angle.


Stylish carrying case with hard outer cover
202g bag weight The
headphones can be folded down to reduce their dimensions considerably.

Evaluation of results

Monster Pusat Wave ANC is a headphone that can work both wired and wireless. Thanks to its general-purpose design, it can also be used outside the home with devices such as phones or tablets. It’s a product we’d recommend those looking for this type of headset consider when comparing prices.


Full bass and high sound quality
with little Bluetooth lag.
Wired and wireless use
Detachable earpads
You can turn the volume on and off, pause and play with the earphone buttons.
Collapsible structure


ANC is very strong and creates a sense of pressure. It can have low and medium settings.
Microphone quality could have been better.