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Mortgage Automation Services1

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Our mortgage automation services are designed to facilitate the completion of business critical tasks with minimal user intervention without compromising quality.

Expert Mortgage Assistance provides lenders with comprehensive back-end support for mortgage process automation services. We help you identify areas that can be completed without user intervention to make the entire process more accurate and faster. With over 10 years of experience in providing back office support services to mortgage lenders, we know how to plan and implement automated solutions for specific steps in your mortgage loan approval framework. What needs to be done?

Our solutions are designed to reduce the time required for key mortgage processes such as mortgage pre-screening, mortgage processing, property appraisals and underwriting. Outsource mortgage automation services to us and equip your end-to-end mortgage loan process with advanced software systems to drive higher levels of efficiency.

M Suite An automated solution for all your document indexing and data extraction needs

kareemfashion, mortgage, automation, services1, mortgage

MS Suite is an automated tool developed by EMA to automate the document classification and data extraction process. This tool can accurately identify scanned and printed text and convert it into structured digital data, thereby eliminating the need to sort documents and manually enter data from multiple document formats. can MSSuite can process information faster and more accurately than the human brain, making loan origination more time- and cost-effective.

We provide mortgage automation solutions for end-to-end mortgage processing needs
Mortgage loan origination

kareemfashion, mortgage, automation, services1, mortgage

We have been successful in reducing the total turnaround times of mortgage loan origination decisions with our automation solutions. You can speed up the entire process by keeping users engaged in short startup cycles. Our mortgage process automation solutions allow for maximum configuration and customization. We implement customized processes tailored to your work culture and business needs to enable better customer service. Our solutions facilitate over 30% reduction in manual processes, with minimal scope for errors and assured process consistency.

Mortgage Underwriting

With our automated mortgage underwriting solutions as part of our mortgage process automation services suite, we create a channel that feeds data directly from the source. This helps you get maximum engagement from the lender and loan processor. A fast and efficient way of transferring information allows underwriters to reach loan approval decisions faster. In addition, our mortgage process automation solutions can help you collect customer credit check reports, income statements, completed W-2 forms and tax returns from credit reporting bureaus and internal systems with the click of a button. Is.

Mortgage loan processing

We implement automation in the mortgage process that allows you to collect and review mortgage loan packets such as tax records, social security numbers, pay stubs and personal information from customers in a more streamlined and error-free manner. helps We implement automated critical data validation solutions. This enables loan processors to approve or reject loan applications with minimal effort and time. Automation in the mortgage process also increases loan processing phase turnaround times by categorizing documents into preferred formats and file types. You can leverage our solutions to create an efficient automated environment for your loan processor to fulfill their obligations with a high level of accuracy and efficiency.

Mortgage Appraisal

As an experienced mortgage automation support services provider, we develop solutions to bridge the communication gap between the appraiser and the loan processor. Better engagement with the appraiser directly contributes to faster loan approval time. Our mortgage automation support services follow a checklist-based approach to consolidate all important property information such as ownership history, renovation details and title information so that the appraiser can access the information and When he needs it. We eliminate the need for loan processors to manually compile written reports and specifications by implementing a workflow-based structure in the appraisal process.

Mortgage loan closing

Using electronic solutions for compliance checks helps lenders process large amounts of data without errors. We implement automation in the mortgage process that enables lenders to collaborate with settlement agents to expedite the mortgage loan closing process in a secure and error-free manner. Our solutions are designed to adhere to federal guidelines and help you stay compliant at all times.

Overcome processing delays. Client
home loan product company headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Delay in file review process
Fluctuation in loan volume; Inefficient use of resources
How MSuite changed things
Loan processing time reduced from hours to minutes.
Eliminating the reliance on staff
brought down overall processing costs significantly
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Reduce loan boarding times.
The client
is a non-bank full-service mortgage company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

Slow and inefficient loan onboarding process
Inability to scale operations.
How MSuite Turned Things Around
70% reduction in average loan boarding time
Loan processing accuracy increased from 96 to 99%
Improved operation scalability
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Why Outsource Mortgage Automation Services to Expert Mortgage Help?

As one of the leading names in mortgage automation process companies, we leverage our extensive knowledge of the mortgage domain to develop robust solutions. Some of the direct benefits you can unlock with our services include:

More than 10 years of experience in developing mortgage automation solutions
Access to highly experienced developers with expertise in advanced technologies like AIRPA, Big Data etc.
Our solutions guarantee at least 50% human labor savings.
Our solutions are at least 30 times faster than human operations.
24/7 Back-End Support Model
Looking for a mortgage automation company to transform your business model? Outsource mortgage automation services to expert mortgage assistance for smarter solutions.

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