ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12, kareemfashion, WiFi 6E, ہم نے ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 کے ساتھ WiFi 6E سپورٹ کے ساتھ 6 GHz نیٹ ورک قائم کیا

We set up a 6 GHz network with the ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 with WiFi 6E support

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ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12, kareemfashion, WiFi 6E, We set up a 6 GHz network with ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 with WiFi 6E support.

We are updating our new office with ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 with 6 GHz support. Two ZenWiFi Pro ET12 offer a total coverage area of ​​more than 500 m2. Let’s configure these two devices and see your speed.

What is Wi-Fi 6E?

With Wi-Fi 6E, the 6 GHz frequency is being used for the first time. ASUS is also the company that developed the world’s first WiFi 6E router. The new 6 GHz frequency ensures a cleaner signal in addition to the existing 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. Current 5 GHz wireless networks use only two 160 MHz channels, while WiFi 6E uses 7 160 MHz channels.

All current Wi-Fi devices can connect to a Wi-Fi 6e modem, but only Wi-Fi 6e devices can use the 6 GHz band. Another advantage of Wi-Fi 6E is that it does not need to use Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) on 5 GHz networks. This feature prevents wireless networks from interfering with military radar, satellite communications, and weather radar. On the other hand, WiFi 6E does not require DFS in the 6 GHz band. In other words, your wireless network connection is not interrupted by external factors.

Why are we moving to the ZenWiFi Pro ET12 system?

Our old office consisted of only two parts: the studio and the office. Since the new office has a huge usable area of ​​600 m2, the ZenWiFi XT8 we installed earlier can no longer cover the entire office. That’s why we’re switching to the more powerful ZenWiFi Pro ET12 models.

Why we prefer ASUS?

To be honest, the main reason we prefer ASUS is that the products get regular updates. In recent years, new threats and attack types have emerged in wireless networks. ASUS makes it easy to patch vulnerabilities with fast firmware updates. Also, you don’t need to manually check for updates. It is possible to activate the automatic update feature.

ASUS routers can now enable automatic firmware updates.

Another advantage is that the products are appreciated by networking enthusiasts all over the world and special firmware versions such as OpenWrt or Asuswrt-Merlin can be loaded onto these devices.

I also use the RT-AX82U at home and there may be other guides about this device in the near future, it will be useful to stay tuned.

Again, in case of any problem, ASUS offers a 3-year warranty for the modem as well as a one-to-one replacement service.

More secure

Security, of course, doesn’t end with just updating the firmware. Enterprise-grade home network security is included with ASUS AiProtection Pro powered by Trend Micro. Asus Wi-Fi encryption standard is WPA3 as well.

Mesh systems

We can say that the main advantage of mesh system is to structure under a single SSID and thus provide uninterrupted connection on the go. Think of it like talking on the phone while on the go.


ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 is currently one of the most advanced routers in our country. Especially if you want to setup a 6 GHz supported network, we can say that ZenWiFi Pro ET12 is your best choice.