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World Kebab Day 2022: Enjoy These 7 Delicious Kebab Recipes

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Highlights World Kebab Day is around the corner here we have some Kebab recipes for you.

World Kebab Day is celebrated every second Friday in July. This year, it is July 9.
A plate of delicious kebabs is enough to make a eater weak in the knees. Its smoky, aromatic and melt-in-your-mouth texture is the perfect party snack. Served as an appetizer with chutneys and dips, kebabs are ideally made with minced meat and spices. However, the vegetarian spin on this delicacy is equally loved. From weddings to evenings with friends, this delicious platter can never go wrong. Well, did you know that there is a day for World Kebab Day? Yes there is. It is celebrated every second Friday of July.
Moreover, why don’t you cook some kebabs at home to make the day memorable? Oh, worried about recipes? This is one stop for all your woes, check out 7 Vegetarian and Non-Veg Kebab Recipes:

Here are 7 kebab recipes.

Gluttony Kebab

These kebabs are famous for their melt-in-the-mouth quality. Guluti Kebabs are prepared with thinly sliced ​​mutton and lightly fried in desi ghee. While people from all over the country flock to Lucknow to taste the authentic Guluti Kebab, you can make it at home by following this recipe.

Shami Kabab

Another kebab recipe made with thinly sliced ​​mutton that is said to have originated in Mughal kitchens is Shami Kebab. Mix the finely chopped meat with a mixture of red chillies, green chillies and black chillies to prepare a delicious Shami Kebab mixture. Here is the recipe.

Chicken Kebab

Can we call it a popular entree at dinner parties? Grilled to perfection, seekh kebabs are served on skewers or wrapped in naan.

Chicken Spinach Korma Kebab

The goodness of chicken and spinach together, what more could you ask for? Prepare these juicy kebabs with shredded chicken, spinach and an array of spices. Here is your step-by-step guide.

Hara Masala Kebab

This is a fresh garden inspired kebab recipe for vegetarian delight. These kabobs made with fenugreek and spinach are healthy as well as delicious. Serve them hot with coriander chutney. Yummy, isn’t it?

Onion Kebabs

Onion, lemongrass and mint combine together to make a very tasty and juicy onion kebab. A plate of onion kebabs topped with chopped coriander leaves is simply appetizing.

Yogurt Kebabs

With a soft texture on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside, curd kebabs are simply all things delicious. These kebabs are prepared with paneer, creamy curd and rice, giving a healthy twist to the street snack.

Put these recipes to use and make some delicious kebabs to celebrate World Kebab Day.